AX 2012 R3 CU9 “Entity name must be field in”

If you are upgrading your DIXF to R3 CU9 or your old AX version to R3 CU9, you might get an error in target entity as “Entity name must be field in” –

How to resolve this:

In R3 CU9, there exists no concept of “DMFEntityType” enum, but it had not been deleted due to backward compatibility. Now, macro value in entity list have been introduced; so, you can create ‘n’ number of entities in DIXF. In previous releases, there was a limitation in creating the entities,  due to enum constraint.

Once you are upgrading your AX version to R3 Cu9, please run the data upgrade check list to resolve mapping or defaulting data set integrity. If you don’t run the data upgrade check list, you will get issue in DIXF as above. You can solve the above issue through code also as below –

  1. static void updateEntityName(Args _args)
  2. {
  3. ReleaseUpdateDB63_DMF updateEntity = new ReleaseUpdateDB63_DMF();
  4. updateEntity.updateEntityType();
  5. }

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