AX 7 Shortcuts

Dear Friends ,
These shortcuts are given below,
Microsoft has released the preview of its latest Dynamics AX 7 (Rainier) for the community. The Public release of AX 7 is available anytime soon (expected in the 1st quarter of 2016).

By now many of you are already aware that AX 7 is web based and is accessed through a web browser. This is a major change from AX 2012 (Desktop based).

Although AX 7 is based on Web. Microsoft managed to fit it with certain keyboard shortcuts to facilitate a user friendly interface. Keyboard shortcuts are very important for an ERP to allow faster data entry by users.

  • ALT+N: Add a new Record
  • ALT+F9: Delete a record (system alerts user about the deletion)
  • F2 : Toggle between Edit to View (or) View to Edit
  • Ctrl+S: Save the record
  • ESC: Close the form (User is prompted if the record is not saved)
  • Back Space : Go to the previous page
  • Tab: Move to the next field
  • Shift+Tab: Move to the previous field
  • Alt+Down Arrow: display the records under a drop down lookup field
  • Down Arrow: Move to the next record (in a list page)
  • Up Arrow:Move to the previous record (in a list page)



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