Parallel workflow with example(Part -2) AX 2012

Parallel workflow:A parallel activity is a workflow element that includes two or more workflow branches that run at the same time.

Note :Workflow will not be completed until parallel branches are completed.

Example: User will create a Free text invoice with associated with asset number, So check Asset is available or not , if asset number is available then documents will assign to two department (sales manager , asset manager) for approval. other wise documents are moved in review manager(asset not available).

  1. check fixed asset number is available or not if yes …


double click on manager approver


then 2 brancher are available you can create more than 2  , we can create own multi level workflow for that, i have created simple.

  1. Asset Manager
  2. Sales Manager









when both manager will be approve that documents than documents will be finished

if not ….

then take will action review manager and finish this documents.




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