Workflow with Example (PART-1) AX 2012

Workflow: Workflow is defined as the movement of documents or tasks through a work process and provide the transparency.

workflow life cycle is


  • Developer design the workflow based on customer requirements.
  • The company administrator configures the workflow.
  • Users run the workflow.

Configure/Create workflow:

  1. Create a workflow
  2. configure the properties
  3. specify default workflows
  4. configure the elements.

Workflow concept:

  1. workflow elements
  2. workflow types
  3. workflow action
  4. workflow participants
  • Workflow elements
    • Task
      • Manual task : It’s handle by user.
      • Automated task : It’s handle by system.
    • Flow elements
      • Conditional decision : Provide two branches like True and False functionality, It will be handle by system.
      • Manual decision: Provide two branches, It will be handle by user.
      • Parallel : Two or more branches are run in a same time.
      • Sub workflow: It will be run based on another workflow.
    • Approvals:Its provide an option for Approve and reject.
  • Workflow types: If user wants to create a workflow then user need workflow type , it will available in each and every module example “Module name “+workflows
  • Workflow action:Actions are describe in terms of submit , Reject, Complete and provide branches in manual decision.
  • Workflow participants: participants are the user and these user may be systems administrator , workflow owner, originator and task assignee.

Example :I am taking the example of Free text invoice

scenario: if  total invoice amount is greater than 100 USD then

  1. A have right to assign  user B or assign to Approver manager,
  2. if document is assigned to  user B, then B have rights to finish the document workflow or  assign to user  C.
  3. if document is assigned to  user C, then user C finally approves the document.

if amount is less than 100 USD then document is directly assign to Approver manager

Path: USMF -> Accounts receivable -> Setup -> Account receivable workflows

Click New button and find workflow type “Customer free text invoice workflow” and click “Create workflow” button. then It will be open designer canvas, In this canvas we have an option workflow elements and properties,


In design canvas , Green circle is start point and red circle is finish point.we can design with workflow elements.


take a conditional decision,set the property like condition “>=100 USD” in basic setting


take a manual decision for create 2 branches

  1. assign to Approver manager
  2. assign to 2nd manual decision.
  3. and set the user in assignment tab in manual decision property


take 2nd  manual decision for create 2 branches

  1. for finish
  2. assign to review task.
  3. and set the user in assignment tab in manual decision property


take a review task element and put the user in assign to user for finish the task


if invoice amount less than 100 usd the documents moves in Approver manager,

you do double click/ level down in Approver manager  then below image appear.


set properties, assignment and condition (if required),escalation (if required).


Assignment tab look like below image , you can relate  this section to workflow participant.


after configure the workflow , then yellow bar will be enable with associated button., right now submit button enabled.12

best thing is that you can track all step and where are you in which step.means maintain the transparency between user and systems.



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