Parallel workflow with example(Part -2) AX 2012

Parallel workflow:A┬áparallel activity is a workflow element that includes two or more workflow branches that run at the same time. Note :Workflow will not be completed until parallel branches are completed. Example: User will create a Free text invoice with associated with asset number, So check Asset is available or not , if asset number … Continue reading Parallel workflow with example(Part -2) AX 2012


Workflow with Example (PART-1) AX 2012

Workflow: Workflow is defined as the movement of documents or tasks through a work process and provide the transparency. workflow life cycle is DESIGN -> CONFIGURATION -> RUN Developer design the workflow based on customer requirements. The company administrator configures the workflow. Users run the workflow. Configure/Create workflow: Create a workflow configure the properties specify … Continue reading Workflow with Example (PART-1) AX 2012